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Thanks to all for attending the rally against the traitoes in our midst: It was a huge success. Stay tuned for a Bigger, Louder Rally  named"Operation Karta Krackpots" , that will run them out of Monsey for Good.


Read about it here:

http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3349138,00.html   US: Jews launch Operation Screwball - Culture from Israel, Ynetnews


New York Jews launched a campaign against the Neturei Karta, an ...

.Hundreds protest group whose members attended Iran's Holocaust ...

Jews rally vs. Jews
New York Daily News, NY - Jan 8, 2007
By ABBY LUBY. Several hundred Jewish demonstrators taunted members of a small Hasidic sect yesterday for attending a recent Holocaust denial conference in ...
Hundreds Protest Orthodox Jews' Attendance At Anti-Holocaust ...
WNBC, NY - Jan 7, 2007
Monsey, NY -- Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Monsey in Rockland County Sunday, NewsChannel 4 reported.

US Orthodox slam Natorei Karta Holocaust conference attendance
Jerusalem Post, Israel - Jan 9, 2007
The protest was one part of a larger campaign, called "Operation Screwball," by the JDO to ostracize the Natorei Karta. The JDO Web site now features photos ...

Here are 10 steps, entitled:

What should be done with NETUREI KARTA

To whom it may concern,

We will continue to have mass
protests against the insane, Mechalel Shabbos Be'Rabim

Neturei Karta... Monsterous Jews for Arabs

"Freaky Freed" above hold a Palestinian baby on Shabbos (Sabbath) and wrapped in an Arab headdress

(The clip was taken on 10/21/2006 which was Shabbos Parshas Bereishis. In addition, an article on the site which links to it (a Muslim site) mentions that the demonstration where Freaky Freedy spoke took place on samstag, which is German for Saturday.

http://www.alb-islam.de/quds2006-friedmann.wmv is the URL. In it you can see Moshe Aryeh Friedmancarrying and using a microphone on Shabbos, and speaking with Arabs and Germans, he starts of quiet and shy, but it's not long until he starts sounding like Hitler and calls Mohammed the Arab prophet who called for the death of Jews, as a great man!) Freaky Freed is a crazy man whomust be stopped)


Iranian Hitler loving psychopath’s , by dragging the 6
million Kedoshim through the mud as a pawn in their political chess game
against the State of Israel.

We’ve seen them meet, hug, embrace, and kiss the enemies of Israel
(Ahmadinejad, Arafat, Farakhan, etc). We’ve seen their acts of moral
turpitude and we looked the other way and shook our heads in disgust.
We’ve seen them publicly burn Israeli Flags at our demonstrations. We’ve
labeled them ‘crazy’ and we discounted them because we said they were a
fringe group. We were wrong. Dead wrong.

Excommunicating them are not enough. They are merely good starts.
Public statements condemning them are not enough. They are merely step one.
Neturei Karta must be put out of business - legally.

The time has come to take drastic legal measures to respond to the Naturei
Karta abomination. I have come up with a few ideas and welcome your

1.    For each member of NK: get their picture, and complete contact
information (name, address, telephone) for public dissemination. Create a
“wanted” poster of their identities. People must know who they are and
where they live. We can then pressure their respective communities but
only if we know who they are. We must know exactly what Chassidic
denomination they belong to. If they dare enter our Shuls, we will throw
them out. When they come to our communities to speak we will find out
where they are staying and who their hosts are and will protest
accordingly. When they eat at our Kosher restaurants we will inform the
proprietors that we will boycott their establishments unless the NK
patrons are asked to leave. We will pressure their Yeshivas to kick their
children out of their schools. We will not attend their Simchas and we
will tell them why. Again, we must know who they are.  Further, we must
learn who supports them financially. They are getting money from
somewhere. Who is funding them. Whoever that is, we will boycott them.

http://www.nkusa.org/activities/demonstrations/20070107.cfm  Here are pictures of them.

2.    Challenge their IRS tax exempt status. Someone is funding their
travel and speaking engagements to anti-Israel and hostile Arab groups,
and is getting the benefits of a charitable deduction in the process. We
need to alert the IRS of NK’s terrorist affiliations jeopardize their tax
exempt status. This will chill charitable donations to their cause. Let’s
bankrupt them and put them out of business.  Someone is paying NK money.
Every week they are flying all across the globe, staying at hotels, etc.
Who is funding them? Cut them off at the source.

3.    Lobby our political leaders to have them demand that the United
States State Department brand the NK organization (and its members) as a
terrorist organization or as a supporter of terrorism and render it
illegal An aggressive politician who is eager to make a name for himself
can open Congressional inquiries into the activities of NK and challenge
their tax-exempt status. NK’s records could be subpoenaed. Most
importantly, the Israeli government must brand them illegal
4.    Publish all of the cherems/bans that are out against NK. The Chief Rabbi of
Israel has called for a new ban against NK.



Click on the image to see the Kol Koreh signed by the Satmar Rebbe, Hagoen R’ Zalman Leib Teitlebaum Shlita against Neturei Karta.


5.    Encourage our Rabbi's and Jewish leaders to stop disregarding them
as insignificant. Acknowledge that they are dangerous. Discredit them.

6.    Collect pictures of them posing with Arab leaders and place them on
one screen for everyone to see their atrocious bedfellows, and protest against them, stay tuned to this web site to find out about future rallies :

NK with Arafat NK with Louis Farrakan NK with "The New Hitler" NK with leader of Hamas Terror Org.  



 ie.., Arafat,
Ahmadinejad, Farakhan, and their horrific protest placards. The more
pictures, the more horrific the outrage.


You can print these out at your local Kinko's for use in rallies.


7.    Prosecute NK in the International Criminal Courts. Follow my logic
here: If Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s stated objective of
“wiping Israel off the map” (his consistent denial of the Holocaust, and
his country’s pursuit of nuclear and ballistic missile capacity) violates
the 1948 U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of
Genocide, then wouldn’t NK be guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy
(Iran’s Ahmadinejad)? I’m not an expert in this area of law, but what
about treason (the crime of disloyalty to one’s nation or state. A person
who betrays the nation of their citizenship and/or reneges on an oath of
loyalty and in some way willfully cooperates with an enemy, is considered
to be a traitor. Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as:
“…[a]… citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war
against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].” In many nations, it is
also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the
government, even if no foreign country is aided or involved by such an

8.    If the NK members live in Israel, and they have publicly supported
an enemy of the State of Israel, would that not make them “traitors” and
they should be tried as such by the Israeli government? Again, Israeli
Knesset members have the right to conduct inquiries into the NK as enemies
of the state. How do we know that they are not undermining our security by
providing information to Arabs?

9.    Call into radio and TV shows that present NK and express your rage.
Discredit them wherever they appear. Rember when they goon these shows they say they are representing "Orthodox Jews" and tey are introduced as "Orthodox Rabbi's from America who want the destruction of Israel" don't be painted with the same brush as them, stand up and diffrentiate yourself,



10.    We are am eager to take them on in any media interview. We  have a very
comprehensive file on them and know how to effectively discredit them. If
you know in advance that NK will be appearing on a show, let the host know
that we are able to debate them and that we are  always ready to do so. Forward
the radio/TV host this information.




Double-click this YouTube video to see Ahmadinejad meeting with some Neturei Karta Jews in New York City.


The Satmar Chassidic court added its voice to a call by Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger to put Neturei Karta  members in Cheirem (Boycott) These are the same members who participated in a two-day Holocaust denial conference in Teheran this week.


The members of the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta group were photographed hugging and kissing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an anti-Semite who has repeatedly called for the State of Israel to be “wiped off the map” and who promised at the conference that Israel would “soon no longer be.”


The statement called on Jews “to keep away from these deranged madmen and condemn their actions,” an order tantamount to placing the men in cherem (excommunication), similar to the call by Rabbi Metzger, Chief Rabbi of Israel, on Thursday.

The participation of the Neturei Karta members at the conference organized and led by Ahmadinejad was “an act of madness,” said the Satmar statement...




Neturei Karta = Deranged Kikes






 These are the traitors-names-home addresses phones for your info. It is your right to call them! (Legally) keep them out of your shuls, do not hire them to do any work, toss them out of any store they come to! . Remember throw them out of your synagogues, boycott whatever company they own, and ask any store they work at to have them fired from their jobs. Lets teach these traitors a real lesson about those who desecrate the MEMORY OF 6 MILLION REAL LIVE JEWS BUTCHERED IN THE HOLOCAUST! WE MUST (legally) RUN NETUREI KARTA OUT OF THEIR HOMES AS WELL!




Daud Salah


DAVID FELDMAN - son of Rabbi Feldman- 15 OLD NYACK MONSEY-home phone 845-426-6812


WILLIAM MORDECHAI WEBERMAN - 367 MARCY APT 4R BROOKLYN home phone - 718-384-8218  direct  liaison to Arab terror groups and neo-nazis for NK

NACHMANN DEUTSCH - 28 CALVERT MONSEY - owns a company that does home improvement and construction.

CHAIM LEFKOWITZ - 88 N SADDLE RIVER MONSEY home phone 845-3871-3139


TEL #212-795-6074

HILLEL DEITCH 9 WALTER RUN MONSEY - 845-425-1924 another leader of Neturei Karta



 and these guys: http://www.nkusa.org/activities/demonstrations/20070107.cfm


The men above get around all over the world, here they are in Ramallah at Yasser Arafat's Funeral, if they go to such lengths to prove their crazy points, shouldn't you be in attendance? its right down the block if you live in Monsey if you live in Brooklyn, a bus will be arranged. E-mail JewishNetwork@gmail.com for more info